Robert Lockwood Jr. -- Delta Crossroads


To blues fans, Robert Lockwood Jr., the man from Turkey Scratch, Arkansas, needs no introduction.  A master of Delta blues, which he learned from the legendary Robert Johnson, Lockwood has put together an excellent CD.  Clearly, Delta Crossroads belongs in every blues lover's collection.

Released at the end of July 2000, this superb collection includes seven songs from the Robert Johnson catalog, including a version of "Mr. Downchild," often associated with Sonny Boy Williamson, but which Lockwood attributes to Johnson.

On this outing, Mr. Lockwood performs solo with just his 12-string guitar.  Personally, I prefer hearing this music recorded in this manner, bare bones, no frills, no band, just a bluesman with his guitar.

It is difficult to pick out any single outstanding cut because the entire album is great.  At 85, Lockwood's vocal and guitar abilities remain profoundly intact and undiminished.  Goes to prove that music keeps you young, y'all.

Delta Crossroads was recorded at Suma Recording Studios in Painesville, Ohio on December 21-22, 1999.  The engineering was done by Michael Bishop and the CD was produced by Joe Harley for Telarc Records.  It was recorded direct to Sony DSD with Neumann and Sennheiser microphones.

I would suggest that you sit back and listen to the entire CD at one sitting.  Just let your mind and soul absorb the experience.  This is it, people, the real deal.  It doesn't get any better than this.

Robert Lockwood Jr.
available on Telarc Records

Robert Lockwood Jr. -- Delta Crossroads

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